An update on my drone case.

The city dropped all three counts against me in lieu of responding to our federal preemption challenge.  In addition to dropping the charges, they added a fourth charge of "reckless flying of a drone" under the same ordinance.  My attorneys and I are challenging the new charge and we're due back in court in early May. Until then, back to filmmaking. #takeflight 

Podcast Episodes 8 & 9

My bad I'm tripping. I never posted podcast episodes 8 & 9 to this blog. Nevertheless here they are. Subscribe to the podcast on Soundcloud or Itunes to stay up to date even when I get lazy! ha ha ha!

In this episode Gary and I discuss branding taglines, projects updates and the next steps to make this project come to fruition. Excited times. #takeflight

In the episode Gary and I break down analysis paralysis, strategy priorities and I recap progress on the film from last week.

project status: teaser trailer 2

Accomplishments: We shot more aerials last Saturday. So much fun and they're amazing. New teaser trailer coming soon. 

Development: Sent more cold query letters out and got a hit from a BIG TIME management company. They saw the teaser trailer and asked for the script so I sent it on Monday. Fingers crossed.

Preproduction: Schedule is complete. Budget is too.

Production: Shot more aerials last weekend. I can't wait to share.

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project status: casting director

Before each and every podcast episode we've been doing a run down on the status of the project. From now on I'll also provide this information here on the blog weekly.

Accomplishments: We have a casting director! This is major news. Now we can start the process of attaching talent. This is big news because now we can get this project in front of more people. It's only a matter of time.

Development: No movement this week but meetings are pending.

Preproduction: Schedule is complete. Budget is too. 

Production: We're shooting more aerials this weekend. I can't wait to share.

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